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Dear Members and Friends:

We all strive to make a better world for ourselves and our loved ones, and it is especially gratifying when we know that our actions have the most significant impact possible. Sustainable agriculture offers hope and solutions to a number of today’s most pressing issues, including climate change, human and environmental health, local economies and the strength of our communities. By supporting NOFA-NJ, you can be a part of multiple solutions all at once.

2016 was another good year in NOFA-NJ’s 30+ year history. Our Winter Conference brought in leaders and experts in areas such as soil health, soil carbon sequestration, no-till farming, nutrition, business skills, food safety and many other topics. Our regular programming included a range of exciting opportunities, including some with our partners and allies, such as our field trip to the Rodale Institute. Our partnership with the NRCS resulted in additional resources for technical assistance to farmers, including numerous hands-on farm visits. Our active and vibrant Policy Committee worked hard on expanding land access for farmers, but much work remains.

We are proud of the results of our efforts. According to a USDA News Release dated September 15, 2016, over the past four years, the number of certified organic farms in New Jersey has increased 70%, and their combined sales have increased 77%! More organic production in the Garden State means less of what we don’t want – pesticides, degraded soils and synthetic fertilizer runoff (to name a few), and more of what we do want – healthy produce, safe jobs and the best tools available in fighting climate change.

We hope that you will make a contribution at this time so that we can continue to transform our regional food system.


Pat Huizing, Executive Director

Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey
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