Cooking and Nutrition for ADD/ADHD with Andrew Appello

06/08/2017 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM ET


Gravity Hill Farm
67 Pleasant Valley Rd
Titusville, NJ 08560


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We know how to grow or buy nutritious, organic produce – but do we know how to prepare it to provide delicious meals and proper nutrition for ourselves and our loved ones?
We know that organic practices are good for the earth – but do we know why they’re important for our bodies, too?

The Suppers Program, NOFA-NJ, and Gravity Hill Farm present a series of workshops on food and nutrition, including a hands-on cooking demo, to help our communities develop a better understanding of their bodies’ relationship with food, and expand the ways in which we can prepare the foods we get from our gardens and organic farms. 

Difficulty focusing is a problem that hinders the lives of children and adults.  This issue is thought to have behavioral causes, emotional causes, and brain chemistry causes among others.  Our workshop will discuss lifestyle and diet changes that can help.  The focus is on healthy eating with a diet rich in nutrient dense produce and low in environmental toxins.  We will discuss how and why it is important to eat an anti-inflammatory diet to maintain brain health.  We will make and sample healthy brain nourishing snacks.  Please notify us at if you have any specific dietary restrictions.


This workshop is part of a series. The others are as follows:

Thursday, April 20– Seasonal Eating with Andrew Appello
Thursday, June 8– Cooking and Nutrition for ADD/ADHD with Andrew Appello
Thursday, June 29 – Food as Medicine for Diabetes Prevention, Management, and Reversal with Dor Mullen 

All workshops will be held from 6-8 pm at The Barn at Gravity Hill Farm, 67 Pleasant Valley Rd, Titusville NJ.


The Suppers Program is a learn-by-doing program where you'll learn to cook, taste and feel your way to vibrant health. Our mission is to provide safe and friendly settings where anyone, and especially people with food-related health challenges, can develop and manage their own personal transitions to a healthier life. Learn more at

The Barn at Gravity Hill is an event space dedicated to supporting organic agriculture, health and nutrition in our community.  Learn more at

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